Mr. Bean Makes a Sandwich

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Watch the video and listen to the story. Press the video play and the green play buttons. Complete the exercise below.
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
Hey, there's Mr. Bean. He's in the park. He sees a man sitting on the bench. He sits down beside the man. "Just popped out for lunch!" "Me too. Would you like a sandwich?" "No absolutely." The man eats the sandwich. Mr. Bean his pocket. He a loaf of bread. He some scissors. He cuts the bread. He the garbage. He cuts a slice of bread. He his knee. He cuts another slice of bread. Mr. Bean takes out a dish of butter. He the dish. He has a credit card. He spreads the butter on the bread with his credit card. "My flexible friend!" Mr. Bean of lettuce. He looks at the lettuce leaf. He washes the lettuce leaf in the water fountain. He his shoe. He takes off his sock. He his sock. He the sock to dry the lettuce. He puts the two pieces of bread on his knees. He puts the lettuce leaf on the bread. He puts his sock on the bench to dry. Mr. Bean of fish. He opens the jar. He pounds the fish on the park bench. He pounds the fish on the park bench. "Is it dead? Yes." He puts the fish on the sandwich. He puts a handkerchief on the park bench. He takes out some peppercorns and the handkerchief. He pounds the peppercorns with his shoe to crush them. He sprinkles pepper on his sandwich. His sandwich is ready. He sees the man drinking tea. He has a tea bag too. He takes out his hot water bottle. He his ear! He the hot water bottle. He takes out a bottle of baby milk. He drinks the baby milk and the hot water bottle. He to stir the tea or mix the tea. Mr. Bean his neck. Oh! He sneezes. He drops his sandwich and the water, the tea, of the hot water bottle. Mr. Bean offers the man a sandwich. He takes the sandwich. “Thanks.”
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English

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