Mr. Bean - Checking In

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Watch the video and listen to the story. Press the video play button and press the green play button. Complete the exercise below.
takes the stairs   •  his suitcase   •  opens   •  the stairs   •  fourth floor   •  third   •  first   •  the front desk   •  steering wheel   •  like   •  suitcase   •  second   •  writes it down   •  forgot his suitcase   •  comes back   •  car   •  personal information   •  not working   •  check in   •  rings   •  my   •  very quickly   •  registration   •  his key   •  takes   •  first floor   •  bellhop  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
Hey, there's Mr. Bean. He's in his green Mini . He hits the car; the trunk ; he takes out his . The bellhop sees Mr. Bean. He takes Mr. Bean's suitcase, but Mr. Bean it back. "It's suitcase. Thief!" Mr. Bean goes up . He goes to , and rings the bell. He it again, and again. The front desk clerk gives Mr. Bean a card. Mr. Bean is going to . Mr. Bean puts the pencil in his pocket and the bellhop asks for... the . Mr. Bean gives it to the . Another guest comes to the front desk. Mr. Bean rings the bell for the man. "Would you to check in, sir? Here's a pencil." Mr. Bean doesn't want the other guest to see his . He fills in the registration card. He can't remember something. He checks the other guest's personal information and on his card. He rings the bell. He is finished. He gets . The guest gets his key and they both go... Mr. Bean . He . He missed the elevator. It already went up. Mr. Bean . He goes up the stairs and he presses the elevator on the . The elevator opens, but it's not the guest's floor. Mr. Bean pressed the button on the floor, but it's not the guest's floor. Mr. Bean is going up the stairs . He's on the floor. He presses the button and the guest understands that this is not his floor. Mr. Bean runs up the next flight of stairs and he is on the before the other guest. He tries to open the door, but his key is . The other guest gets into the room . Finally, the door opens and Mr. Bean closes it. He forgot !
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English

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