Mr. Bean Goes Shopping - Listen to the Story

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Press the video play button and the green play button. Complete the activity below. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.
tries on   •  is going to go   •  worker's   •  can get   •  only has   •  is coming up   •  starts coughing   •  falls down   •  puts it on   •  looks at   •  starts dancing   •  he's looking at   •  puts it back   •  doesn't work   •  too small   •  dropped   •  is   •  picks up   •  opens   •  wants to give   •  is playing   •  puts the fish back   •  doesn't like   •  forgets to walk   •  enough money  
Hey, there’s Mr. Bean! A musician . Mr. Bean the musician some change. He a bill. Maybe he change for the bill. No—not .
Mr. Bean has a handkerchief. He the ground. He . He’s dancing back and forth. Oh—a lady gives Mr. Bean change. Mr. Bean gives the coin to the musician—alright!
It’s a store. Looks like Mr. Bean shopping. Oh—his American Express card. He goes into the department store. He’s in the Cosmetics Department. He shows everyone his card. He the cosmetics. Oh—the smell! He . He’s coughing. Oh—the smell. He on the floor. He’s crawling on the floor. He the smell. He tells the lady, “Don't go in there.”
Mr. Bean goes into the Toiletries Department. some toothbrushes. He takes a toothbrush off the shelf. He the package. He brushes his teeth with the toothbrush. He in the package – no – he puts it back on the shelf, and takes a different toothbrush. He puts it in his basket.
Mr. Bean in the Linens Department. He a yellow towel. He the towel in front of the mirror. Looks good—it fits. Oops! Mr. Bean the towel by mistake. He buys the towel.
Mr. Bean the escalator. He at the top of the escalator. Oh—okay. Mr. Bean is in the Housewares Department. Oh—a knife. Mr. Bean takes a potato out of his pocket. He peels the potato with the knife. Nah—too dull. He tries another knife. Hmmm – Oh. That’s better. He takes the knife.
Mr. Bean looks at a frying pan. He takes a fish out of his pocket. Oh, it’s . Oh yes, that’s much better. He takes the frying pan, and in his pocket.
Mr. Bean is looking at telephones. The telephone . He bangs it on the shelf. Oh—this telephone works. Okay! He takes the telephone. It’s the telephone!
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English

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