At the Travel Agent - LINC 3.08

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation. Complete the exercise below.
if you cancel   •  a kitchenette   •  accommodation   •  sightseeing   •  very reasonable   •  guided nature tours   •  book very soon   •  make the reservation   •  charter bus   •  the Rockies   •  golf course passes   •  senior citizens   •  holiday packages   •  The Okanagan   •  qualify  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
AGENT: Hello, can I help you?
ALF: Yes, we'd like some information. We're planning our vacation.
AGENT: Do you know where you'd like to go?
TERESA: We're thinking about , or somewhere south.
AGENT: Great. Well, please have a seat. I can give you some information about some of our different .
ALF: Thank you.
AGENT: When would you like to leave?
ALF: Well, we'd like to leave around the 20th (twentieth), and come back around the 3rd (third).
AGENT: Okay. Just a moment, please. Well, I have a very nice holiday package in Banff.
TERESA: That sounds interesting.
AGENT: Yes, it's a package leaving from Vancouver on the 22nd (twenty-second).
TERESA: A charter bus? Could you tell us more about that?
AGENT: Certainly. It's a seven-day package. You leave at dinner time, sleep through the night on the bus, and arrive in Banff the next morning. This package includes and meals and some in the area.
TERESA: Is it like a hiking tour?
AGENT: Not exactly. There are some hiking trips and some .
ALF: It's interesting. But I really want to play some golf.
AGENT: Well, you can do some golfing in Banff as well. Or, I have a special ten-day golfing holiday in the Okanagan and it's .
TERESA: ? That sounds nice, too.
ALF: How much does it cost?
AGENT: Well, do you as senior citizens?
TERESA: Yes, we do.
AGENT: Well, it is cheaper for . The total for the two of you would be $975 (nine hundred seventy-five), plus tax.
TERESA: What does that include?
AGENT: That includes your air fare tickets to Kelowna, your accommodation in a motel, and your .
TERESA: How about the meals?
AGENT: The meals are not included. But there are several very reasonable restaurants nearby.
ALF: Is there in the motel room?
AGENT: No, but I can book you in another motel. And it's not very far from the golf course.
TERESA: Same price?
AGENT: This motel is a little bit more expensive. You would have to spend about $15 (fifteen dollars) per night more.
ALF: But we could do our own cooking, right?
AGENT: Yes. There is a kitchenette right in the room. And there's a grocery store right down the street.
ALF: So, we could save some money on the meals.
TERESA: I think it could be cheaper staying at the more expensive motel.
AGENT: You could save between twenty and thirty dollars a day.
TERESA: I like that.
AGENT: If you would like to go, you would have to . There are very few seats left.
ALF: Can we make any changes after we ?
AGENT: No, this package doesn't allow that. And , you would have to pay a $100 (one hundred dollar) penalty.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University – Open Learning Division

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