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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation. Complete the exercise below.
can I ask who   •  may be   •  who are shut-in   •  to cook   •  tell us how many   •  to pick up   •  plan to start out   •  experience as a cook   •  tell us how many meals   •  who need   •  tell us where   •  should get   •  tell us what time   •  to set up   •  thanks for coming   •  to deliver  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
MARY: Okay, everybody. I think we started. First of all, out tonight to volunteer for our hot meals program.
MIA: I thought we were here just for the free cookies.
MARY: I can see that. Anyway, we're here a hot meals program for people in our community , who can't get around to make meals for themselves.
ANTHONY: Can you people in town are shut-ins?
MARY: I think there are about forty or sixty people our help.
ANTHONY: That's astounding.
ONA: I didn't know there are so many.
MARY: That's just an estimate. There more.
JERRY: Can you we'll be delivering to begin with?
MARY: We delivering thirty meals each week.
ONA: That sounds manageable.
JERRY: How can we help?
MARY: We'll need volunteers in three different areas. First, we need people the groceries. Second, we need people the meals. And, we need drivers the meals.
MIA: That will keep us quite busy.
ONA: We'll need more volunteers, later on. But at least we can get started.
MARY: That's right. So, is interested in delivering the meals?
MIA: I can drive.
JERRY: I can drive, too. I have a van.
MIA: I can drive on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. But I can't drive on Tuesday or Thursday.
ONA: Can you of day we'll be making the deliveries?
MARY: Yes. The meals will be ready for pickup from the community centre at five o'clock each afternoon.
ONA: Sorry, I can't drive. I have other commitments.
MARY: Okay. So, we have two people. Now, can I ask who's interested in preparing the meals?
ANTHONY: Can you the meals will be prepared?
MARY: The meals will be prepared at the community centre in our kitchen.
ANTHONY: Okay, I'll volunteer. I have . I was a cook in a logging camp.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University – Open Learning Division

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