Invitation to a Party - LINC 3.04

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation. Complete the exercise below.
this time of year   •  I'll call   •  like to check   •  I've got to   •  to babysit   •  some other time   •  can we bring   •  I'd appreciate that   •  See you around   •  I'm having   •  that's too bad   •  to go   •  to see you   •  thanks for   •  sounds good   •  I'd like that   •  I can't right now   •  hope so   •  I'll check with   •  got to go   •  I hope   •  be happy to   •  How about   •  getting   •  I'll let you know   •  a great workout   •  are you feeling   •  We'd love to  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
MANSOUREH: Good shot, Wendy! You win again!
WENDY: Okay. Well, the game, Mansoureh. Oh, I've .
MANSOUREH: Okay. I'll see you next week?
WENDY: Sure. Monday?
MANSOUREH: I can't, Monday. take my niece to her dance lesson. How about Tuesday?
WENDY: Tuesday. Tuesday I'm working. I think Wednesday's okay.
MANSOUREH: Wednesday . But I'd my calendar.
WENDY: Sure. Okay, you later.
WENDY: Okay.
MANUEL: Hi, Wendy.
WENDY: Hi, Manuel.
MANUEL: Hi, Mansoureh.
MANSOUREH: Hi, Manuel.
MANUEL: How was your game?
MANSOUREH: It was good. Wendy gave me .
MANSOUREH: How about you?
MANUEL: I think I'm a cold.
MANUEL: Yeah, I always get one .
MANSOUREH: Maybe it's allergies.
MANUEL: Maybe. It's hard to tell. Otherwise, I'm okay.
MANSOUREH: Well, well enough to play another game of tennis?
MANUEL: I am. But . I have to work at three o'clock.
MANSOUREH: Well, maybe .
MANUEL: Yeah, sure, . Oh, by the way. a party. Would you and Ali like to come?
MANSOUREH: A party? When?
MANUEL: Saturday night. Around eight o'clock.
MANSOUREH: come. But we promised my sister's son.
MANUEL: Oh, children are invited, too.
MANSOUREH: Well, my sister. Will other children be there?
MANUEL: No. I don't think so.
MANSOUREH: Yeah, I think he might be bored if there aren't any other children there.
MANUEL: Yeah, I think you're right.
MANSOUREH: Well, I'll check with my sister, and if she can get someone else, we'd love to come. .
MANUEL: Sure thing. you can come.
MANSOUREH: Me, too. Oh, anything?
MANUEL: Yeah, . Could you bring a dessert?
MANUEL: Okay. Well, ah ... thanks, Mansoureh. And I hope Saturday night, then.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University – Open Learning Division

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