Reporting a Break-in - LINC 3.14

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation. Complete the exercise below.
do our best   •  is broken   •  what they took   •  so quickly   •  call in   •  Breaking into   •  such a mess   •  to lock   •  must have broken in   •  was going to   •  may have taken   •  makes me   •  what to say   •  work stored   •  valuables taken   •  carefully   •  must have happened  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
ESTER: I don't believe this. Who would do a thing like this?
LLOYD: This is terrible. people's homes is the most disgusting thing. They left .
ESTER: I feel like I want to cry.
LLOYD: Did they take anything special?
ESTER: Yes! My grandmother's candlestick holders. I mean, what are they going to do with something like that?
LLOYD: They stole your computer from the bedroom, too.
ESTER: Did they take the TV, too?
LLOYD: Yes, they did. And the VCR.
ESTER: I don't know .
LLOYD: That's probably the police. I'll get it. Okay.
ESTER: Thanks.
OFFICER: Hello. I'm Officer Rankin.
ESTER: Hello. Thank you for coming .
OFFICER: No problem. Ester?
LLOYD: Yes, please have a seat.
OFFICER: Thank you.
LLOYD: This is very upsetting. They this afternoon.
OFFICER: Yes, it is upsetting. I understand. Ester, were you home during the day?
ESTER: No. I was at work. Ah, my shift is between 8:30 in the morning and five o'clock.
OFFICER: And were you here today, sir?
LLOYD: No, I came in about thirty minutes ago. I take Ester out for dinner.
OFFICER: So that means no one was here between ...
ESTER: Between about 8:15 (eight-fifteen) and 5:30 (five-thirty).
OFFICER: Okay. Now, do you have an answering machine?
ESTER: Well, I did. Until this afternoon.
OFFICER: I see. And did you for messages during the day?
ESTER: Yes, I called in twice. Once about noon and again about three o'clock, on my coffee break.
OFFICER: And the machine was still here?
ESTER: Yes, I had two messages in the morning, and one message in the afternoon.
LLOYD: So the break-in between three and 5:30 (five thirty).
OFFICER: That sounds reasonable. Unless the burglars were here already when Ester called in this afternoon.
ESTER: Oh, that really gets me.
OFFICER: How do you think they got in?
ESTER: The lock on the front door . I think they forced it.
LLOYD: What I don't understand is—how did they get into the apartment building?
ESTER: I'm always very careful the doors.
OFFICER: Locks aren't always burglar-proof. And there are many ways they can get into the building.
ESTER: When I got home this afternoon and saw all of this, I called the building manager. But he was away for the day.
OFFICER: The burglars advantage of that.
ESTER: I guess.
LLOYD: Do you want to know ?
OFFICER: Yes. And your insurance company will need a list of stolen property, as well.
LLOYD: Well, that's okay.
OFFICER: Did they take any jewellery?
ESTER: No, but they took a pair of silver candlestick holders. They were my grandmother's.
OFFICER: Oh, that's too bad. Were any other ?
LLOYD: They stole her computer. And she had lots of on the hard drive.
OFFICER: No backups?
ESTER: Not everything. I know, my fault. I should do it.
OFFICER: Yeah. Ah, anything else?
LLOYD: Well, they stole the TV and the VCR.
OFFICER: Oh. Have you noticed anything else missing?
ESTER: Not so far. No .
OFFICER: You should check the whole apartment .
ESTER: Of course.
OFFICER: Well, at least they didn't damage too much.
LLOYD: Well, they left quite a mess in the bedroom.
OFFICER: Oh. Can I take a look at that?
LLOYD: Yes, of course. It's this way ...
OFFICER: Just relax. We'll call dispatch right away and fill out a report.
ESTER: Thanks. It just so upset.
OFFICER: We'll to catch them. And maybe you'll get your candlesticks back.
ESTER: I hope.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University – Open Learning Division

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