Talking about Children - LINC 3.16

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation. Complete the exercise below.
pick up   •  no point   •  really improved   •  to get tired   •  going to be   •  seems to help   •  hard to find   •  seem to be   •  comes easy   •  what you mean   •  afraid of   •  Have you had   •  make an appointment   •  to like   •  seems as though   •  Most of the time   •  I wish   •  I wonder if   •  interested in   •  difficult to get   •  hardest thing   •  the easiest thing   •  should have  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
TASHA: So, how does your daughter like school this year?
JOYCE: Well, most of the time she seems it a lot. She seems very interested in math.
TASHA: Oh, Lisa's math, too. Math for Lisa.
JOYCE: Maybe she's an engineer.
TASHA: Maybe. But reading is still a problem for her.
JOYCE: What do you mean?
TASHA: , she just doesn't like to read.
JOYCE: her eyes checked?
TASHA: Yes, we did last year.
JOYCE: What did they say?
TASHA: Well, they said they're okay. But sometimes they're getting worse, because she seems just after a few minutes of reading.
JOYCE: Maybe you her eyes checked again.
TASHA: Maybe we should. I'll for her next week at the eye doctor.
JOYCE: Good.
TASHA: If that isn't the problem, well, maybe we'll just have to get some extra help for her.
JOYCE: Well, reading doesn't a problem for Linda. She seems to like to read. The for her is her spelling.
TASHA: Oh, that's funny. Usually, a child who likes to read has very good spelling.
JOYCE: Sometimes I think she just doesn't concentrate.
TASHA: What do you mean?
JOYCE: Well, sometimes it she just doesn't sound the words out properly.
TASHA: We've been practising at home with Lisa. Practising a lot.
JOYCE: Well, maybe that's the problem.
TASHA: What?
JOYCE: We're not practising enough at home.
TASHA: Oh, it's the time.
JOYCE: I know . Between school and all the other things. Piano, gymnastics ...
TASHA: And soccer and dancing lessons. Tell me about it!
JOYCE: Lisa's interested in dancing?
TASHA: Yes. Lisa loves dancing.
JOYCE: How often does she dance?
TASHA: Her classes are usually twice a week. Now she wants to swimming.
JOYCE: Swimming? Linda used to be the water.
TASHA: Oh, and what happened?
JOYCE: Well, she had a really great swimming teacher last summer. And now she's a lot.
TASHA: Oh, that's great! It isn't to find the right teacher.
JOYCE: That's right.
TASHA: And how about her piano?
JOYCE: Most of the time, she loves it. But lately it's been her to practise.
TASHA: Well, they usually just don't have time.
JOYCE: Usually.
TASHA: Lisa were interested in music.
JOYCE: But she likes to dance.
TASHA: That's true. But she just doesn't like piano. To her, dancing is much more fun.
JOYCE: Well, if kids aren't interested in something, there's trying to force them to do it.
TASHA: Isn't that the truth. Remember your own childhood?
JOYCE: Sure do.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University – Open Learning Division

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