The NSF Cheque - LINC 3.23

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation. Complete the exercise below.
have been looking   •  to cover   •  to write   •  without recording   •  catching up on   •  could have bought   •  hate driving   •  about to call   •  such a bad   •  cheque I wrote   •  at least they're nice   •  enough money   •  joint account   •  straighten it out   •  said I could   •  to record   •  was returned   •  take a look at   •  there wasn't   •  I'd better go  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
ALI: Hi, Mansoureh.
MANSOUREH: Oh! Hi, Ali, you're back from work early.
ALI: Yeah, well, the traffic wasn't so bad today. It only took me twenty-five minutes.
MANSOUREH: Twenty-five minutes! Well, that's good. I know how much you in traffic.
ALI: Yeah! Busy?
MANSOUREH: Yeah, I'm just some letters to my family.
ALI: How are they going?
MANSOUREH: Not bad. I even managed a letter to your sister.
ALI: Good! I am letter writer.
MANSOUREH: Oh, I'll say. Oh, no!
ALI: Is there something wrong with the mail?
MANSOUREH: I just got a notice for an NSF cheque. The to the grocery store bounced. I guess there wasn't in our account.
ALI: Let me take a look at this. You looked at the chequebook record before you wrote the cheque, didn't you?
MANSOUREH: Yes. I don't understand. I thought we had about $200 (two hundred dollars) in our .
ALI: Well, let's just the record. I'm sure it's just a mistake. Oh! I remember, I forgot the car repairs.
MANSOUREH: The car repairs! Well, how much did you spend?
ALI: About $160 (one hundred and sixty dollars).
MANSOUREH: Well, that's the problem. When I wrote the cheque for the groceries, they came to about $180 (one hundred and eighty dollars). So I guess enough money in our account to cover it.
ALI: Well, I'll take some money out of the savings account tomorrow and deposit it in our chequing account.
MANSOUREH: Okay. And I'll phone the grocery store and apologize. in tomorrow and pay them cash.
ALI: Good. Sorry about the mistake.
MANSOUREH: No problem! At least we can .
ALI: Hmm.
MR. SMILEY: Smiley's Grocery. Can I help you?
MANSOUREH: Hi, this is Mansoureh Ran. I wrote you a cheque last week and I've just received notice from my bank that there wasn't enough money in the account the cheque.
MR. SMILEY: Yes, the cheque to the store today. I was you.
MANSOUREH: My husband and I have a joint account, and he wrote a cheque it. I'm very sorry about this. I'll come in tomorrow and pay you cash.
MR. SMILEY: That's fine, Mrs. Ran, but you know we have a $5 (five-dollar) charge on any returned cheques.
MANSOUREH: Yes. I understand. I'll see you tomorrow?
MR. SMILEY: Okay. Bye now.
MANSOUREH: Thanks. Bye-bye.
ALI: So, what did they say?
MANSOUREH: Oh, Mr. Smiley come in tomorrow and pay cash.
ALI: Well, about it.
MANSOUREH: Unfortunately they're going to charge us $5 (five dollars) for the returned cheque.
ALI: Oh, that's too bad. I guess the bank will probably charge us something, too.
MANSOUREH: That's right. You me flowers instead!
ALI: I know! But I bought you this book by your favorite writer.
MANSOUREH: Oh, Ali, that's wonderful! I for this book for ages!
ALI: Uh-huh, I know.
MANSOUREH: Ah, $8.50 (eight dollars and fifty cents)!
ALI: Hey, hey, hey. I paid for it in cash.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University – Open Learning Division

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