Travelling to Lima - LINC 3.15

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation. Complete the exercise below.
haven't seen   •  Are you flying   •  don't have   •  doesn't work   •  I'm going   •  isn't   •  will that cost   •  would get   •  Is there   •  would be   •  I'll just check   •  have to change   •  do you mean   •  Are you travelling   •  are you thinking   •  rather go   •  would have to   •  seems   •  might miss   •  can get   •  to return  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
AGENT: When of flying?
MANUEL: Around the middle of next month. I an exact date.
AGENT: And you want to go to Lima?
MANUEL: Yes, that's right.
AGENT: Okay, just a moment. I'll just see what's available. on business?
MANUEL: No, to visit my family.
AGENT: That's nice.
MANUEL: Yes. I my mother and father in a couple of years.
AGENT: I'm sure they're looking forward to it.
MANUEL: Yes, they are.
AGENT: Okay, the best way is to fly from here to Vancouver, then to Los Angeles. And then catch a flight from there to Lima.
MANUEL: So, I planes in Vancouver and Los Angeles?
AGENT: Yes, that's right. I have seats on the 14th (fourteenth), and then the next flight is on the 17th (seventeenth), but it's nearly full.
MANUEL: On the seventeenth?
AGENT: Yes. alone?
MANUEL: Yes, I am.
AGENT: Then I you on either flight.
MANUEL: I think I'd on the seventeenth.
AGENT: Okay, and when would you like ?
MANUEL: In four weeks.
AGENT: Okay. Let me see. Four weeks later is the fourteenth. I can get you a flight from Lima, but the connection in Los Angeles very good.
MANUEL: What by that?
AGENT: I mean that you to L.A. late in the afternoon. You would have to wait about six hours before you catch your flight to Vancouver.
MANUEL: I understand. Can I stay overnight in Los Angeles and fly the next morning?
AGENT: Well, you could. But you pay more. With the stopover, it's an extra two hundred dollars, plus your hotel.
MANUEL: Oh, that's a lot. any other way to go?
AGENT: into it. You could fly through Mexico City. But then you only have half an hour between flights.
MANUEL: Hmm. That very short.
AGENT: Yes, it is. You your connection. And then you have to change planes again in San Francisco and in Vancouver.
MANUEL: I think the first flight was better.
AGENT: Would you like me to book that for you?
MANUEL: How much ?
AGENT: One thousand, one hundred and seventy-eight ($1,178), plus tax, which brings it to $1,295.46 (one thousand, two hundred and ninety-five dollars and forty-six cents).
MANUEL: And that's the cheapest rate?
AGENT: Yes, unless you go on a charter. A charter $788 (seven hundred and eighty-eight dollars), plus tax. It leaves on the 11th (eleventh). But it's only for two weeks.
MANUEL: No, that . I think the first flight was the best.
AGENT: I think so, too.
MANUEL: Okay then. Please book that for me.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University – Open Learning Division

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