Winter Weather Report - LINC 3.21

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation. Complete the exercise below.
colder than   •  if there's   •  supposed to be   •  just as cold   •  responsible for   •  is expected for   •  ski boots are   •  where   •  Intermittent   •  plenty of   •  said there was   •  predicted   •  There are   •  as much snow as   •  the cold front   •  is expecting   •  what's it like   •  coastal regions   •  what channel   •  hardly wait   •  are expected   •  to watch  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
ALI: Mansoureh! Do you know my ski goggles are?
MANSOUREH: They're in the closet.
ALI: Where?
MANSOUREH: On the shelf in the closet. Don't worry, I'll bring them.
ALI: Okay, good!
MANSOUREH: Here they are!
ALI: Thanks. Now I have everything. Are you ready?
MANSOUREH: Yes, I'm ready.
ALI: Oh, by the way. Did you get a chance the weather report?
MANSOUREH: The weather report? Why?
ALI: Because I don't want to drive all the way up to the ski hill no snow!
MANSOUREH: Don't worry! There will be lots of snow.
ALI: Yeah, how do you know?
MANSOUREH: Trust me.
ALI: Well, outside?
MANSOUREH: Well, it's pretty cold. It's only five degrees.
ALI: It's it was yesterday. Are there any clouds?
MANSOUREH: Yes. some clouds.
ALI: Well, it always snows when it's cold and cloudy.
MANSOUREH: Don't worry. There will be lots of snow. And there's some more this afternoon.
ALI: Why, are they predicting snow?
MANSOUREH: Yep. The weather forecast a chance of snow at higher elevations.
ALI: Do you know the weather is on?
MANSOUREH: I think it's on twenty-six.
ALI: Okay.
WEATHER FORECASTER: And now let's take a look at weather systems across
the country. Snow flurries on the Atlantic coast today. St. John's (St. John is) currently reporting a high of around plus 1, with an overnight low of minus 2. Halifax plus 4 and O. Moving inland, it snowed overnight in northern Quebec. In Quebec City, highs of minus 8 with an expected low of minus 15. In Montreal and Ottawa highs of about plus 1 with lows near zero, and heavy snowfall
overnight. ALI: Quebec always gets snow in the winter.
MANSOUREH: Do they get in Halifax?
ALI: I don't know. Mind you, all of Eastern Canada gets a lot of snow.
MANSOUREH: Except Toronto. They don't get as much snow as Halifax or Montreal.
ALI: That's true. But it's in Toronto as it is in the rest of the Eastern provinces.
MANSOUREH: Yeah. We're lucky. It's so much warmer here in winter.
ALI: Oh, here's the weather report for British Columbia.
WEATHER FORECASTER: As we move further west we see Chinook-type winds in southern Alberta highs of up to 17 and unseasonable showers. In the Interior of B.C. a heavy snow warning and lows of minus 5 continue as moves toward the coast. The of B.C. can expect continued cold with reported highs near 4 and lows of minus 1. Intermittent snowfall the region.
ALI: snowfall?
MANSOUREH: That's good. I don't want it to snow all day long.
ALI: That's true. And we get some new snow.
MANSOUREH: Yeah. Just a little bit of powder on top of the old base.
ALI: Great! I can to put my skis on. Are you ready?
MANSOUREH: I am ready. My stuff’s at the door.
ALI: Right then. Let's go. Oops. Mansoureh, do you know where my ?
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University – Open Learning Division

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