Buying Plants - LINC Video 2.26

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Complete the exercise below. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.
a lot of   •  could you   •  thinking of   •  can I   •  idea   •  Would you like   •  to take   •  some   •  some spinach   •  to buy   •  a watering can   •  are they   •  water it   •  don't think so   •  Could you tell me   •  some lettuce   •  any lettuce   •  take care of it   •  put it in partial shade   •  a few more   •  in the next aisle   •  take care of  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
MRS. WONG: Excuse me!
MANUEL: Yes, help you?
MRS. WONG: Do you have ?
MANUEL: Yes, the lettuce is over here. We have on this side, and we also have on that side, if you're interested.
ROY: Do you want spinach, Mom?
MRS. WONG: I don't think so. But we'll take some lettuce, thank you.
MANUEL: Okay. This lettuce is very easy to . Just and water it.
MRS. WONG: Water it every day?
MANUEL: Yes, that's right.
ROY: Hmm.
MRS. WONG: We need .
ROY: Excuse me, where are the watering cans?
MANUEL: Ah, the watering cans are , by the door.
ROY: By the door?
MANUEL: Yes, that's right. Do you need a garden hose to go with that?
MRS: WONG: No, I . I just want a watering can.
MANUEL: Okay. No problem.
ROY: Excuse me, there is no label on this plant. what it's called?
MANUEL: Sure. This is a fuchsia.
ROY: I'm sorry, repeat that?
MANUEL: It's called a fuchsia.
ROY: Fuchsia, right. And how do you ?
MANUEL: Just put it in the sun and every day.
ROY: Uh? I was putting it in my kitchen window. Is that okay?
MANUEL: That would be fine. A fuchsia needs sun.
ROY: And what is this?
MANUEL: That's an impatiens.
ROY: Impatiens?
MANUEL: That's right.
ROY: Thank you. How much ?
MANUEL: The fuchsia is $3.75 (three seventy-five) and the impatiens is $1.99 (a dollar ninety-nine).
ROY: And the lettuce?
MANUEL: Lettuce is $5.75 (five seventy-five) for the tray.
ROY: Thank you. I'll take them.
MANUEL: Okay. me to take them over to the counter?
ROY: Sure, thanks. We'll just get vegetable plants and the watering can.
MANUEL: Sure. Take your time.
ROY: Thanks. Do you want a look at the watering cans?
MRS. WONG: Oh, good .
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English
Video Courtesty TRU University - Open Learning Division

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