The Loan - Verb Quiz

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giving   ·  paying   ·  have   ·  were   ·   asked   ·  riding   ·  got   ·  taking   ·   were   ·  began   ·  see   ·  remember   ·  lent   ·  are   ·  took   ·  gave  
Click on the title, The Loan - Verb Quiz to go to the quiz page. Complete the quiz with the words in the box. Click on the Check, Show, and Clear buttons to check, show and clear the answers.
Last year, two classmates, Ahmad and Eva       the skytrain to school. At VCC - Clark Skytrain Station, two robbers    on the train. They    robbing the passengers. They       the passengers' rings, jewelry and watches. Eva    out her wallet. She    $100 to Ahmad. “Why    you    me $100?” Ahmad    . Eva said, “Remember last week. I didn’t    any cash and you    me $100.” “I    ”, said Ahmad. “Well, I’m    you back!” said Eva. “Oh, I    ”, said Ahmad.
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