A Hiking Trip - Distance - LINC 1.29

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.
let's   one   per   take   goes   makes   to go   could be   looks like   how about   to take   been waiting   is   can stop   been   are  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
STAVROS: Hi, Yuk. Have you long?
YUK: No. A few minutes.
JOANNE: Nice hat!
STAVROS: Great day for it, isn't it?
YUK: Yeah!!
STAVROS: So ah-well, which trail do you want ?
JOANNE: How about this ?
STAVROS: What, the Loon Lake Trail?
YUK: How long does it to hike that trail?
JOANNE: Oh, I think about an hour and a half.
STAVROS: you sure about that?
JOANNE: Well, it's about five kilometres.
STAVROS: Well, five kilometres. And our average walking speed about ....
YUK: Three kilometres hour.
STAVROS: That it 1.66 hours.
JOANNE: Which is about an hour and a half, right?
STAVROS: One hour and forty minutes to be precise.
JOANNE: Okay. An hour and forty minutes.You know, I've there before. It's a really nice trail. Loon Lake
is lovely.
YUK: Are you sure you want there again?
JOANNE: Well, maybe not. try something new.
STAVROS: Something new?
YUK: this trail? It leads to a lake, too.
JOANNE: Yeah, but it's kind of short. It would probably only take us about half an
STAVROS: Hmmm, well how about this one? It along Heron Creek. And we
at the waterfall.
JOANNE: Hmmm, 5.8 kilometres. That a nice hike.
STAVROS: Well, we there in two hours, give or take five minutes.
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