Come Rain or Come Shine

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Watch the video. Listen and sing along to improve your pronunciation.
guess   ·  money   ·  always   ·  together   ·  with   ·  won't   ·  nobody's   ·  don't   ·  cloudy   ·  shine   ·  mountain   ·  true   ·  gonna   ·  things   ·  rain  
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I'm love you like nobody's loved you
Come or come shine
High as a and deep as a river
Come rain or come
I when you met me
It was just one of those
But you ever bet me
'Cause I'm gonna be if you let me
You're gonna love me like loved me
Come rain or come shine
Happy , unhappy together
And that be fine
Days may be or sunny
We're in or we're out of the
But I'm with you
I'm you rain or shine
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