Phoning Around for Repairs - LINC 1.33

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.
One moment please   ·  have reached   ·  Why don't you   ·  What's the matter   ·  I don't think   ·  There's   ·  Would you like   ·  Good idea   ·  Do you have   ·   had to fill   ·  Do you think   ·  Please hold   ·  Why don't we   ·  have to go  
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ESTER: Sorry about this. I the kettle from the bathroom tap.
PAUL: What's wrong?
ESTER: The kitchen tap is broken. I need some parts for it.
PAUL: Oh, that's inconvenient.
ESTER: It's okay. I just to the plumbing store on West Broadway. It's only about a fifteen minute walk.
PAUL: try Paul's Plumbing on east Fifth. It's only two blocks away.
ESTER: they will be open till five o'clock?
PAUL: give them a call?
ESTER: Good idea.
PAUL: Here they are “872-3766”.
ESTER: 872-3766.
VOICE: Hello.
ESTER: Hello. Is this Paul's Plumbing on West Fifth?
VOICE: No. This is Antonio's Bakery.
ESTER: Oh, I'm sorry. Wrong number.
ESTER: Oh, I dialed the wrong number.
ESTER: 872-3766.
RECORDED MESSAGE: The number you is not in service.
PAUL: Well, what now?
ESTER: It's not in service.
PAUL: Maybe they moved. Why don't you try 411-the directory assistance?
ESTER: Okay. .
OPERATOR: BC Tel Directory. What city, please?
ESTER: Vancouver.
OPERATOR: Go ahead, please.
ESTER: a listing for Paul's Plumbing on West Fifth?
OPERATOR: . Sorry. There's no Paul's Plumbing on West Fifth. I am showing a Paul and John's Plumbing and Electrical in Surrey.
ESTER: No, that's it. It should be in Vancouver. Could there be a new listing?
OPERATOR: Yes. a new listing for Paul's Plumbing on Pine Street.
ESTER: Oh, that would be it.
OPERATOR: to try that?
ESTER: Sure. Thanks.
OPERATOR: for the new number.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University - Open Learning Division

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