Take a Message - Remy Shand

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.
right   ·  Tired   ·  knows   ·  enough   ·  fall   ·  love   ·  could   ·  endlessly   ·  price   ·  tell   ·  lost   ·  break   ·  found   ·  No one   ·  right   ·  waves   ·  truth   ·  past   ·  hope   ·  cried   ·  see   ·  message  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
How did she in love?
and shaken up
Could it be hanging around's ?
was fooling when they told about the sense in sensibility in moving on.
All that I see is that we live in life
Did you fail when you that you paid the price?
Hope it wasn't in an honest truth
so, the doesn't break all that we'd been through
Every little thing what you did was
but, who knows what you did on that day you endlessly
Oh you cried
Take a from my love
What I say to you?
Oh, when making the was left unconscious
I didn't mean to you why, oh why?
But you harbored all defenses
And you're making it hard to bring that back for you and I
All that I is that we livin' life
Did you fail when you found that you paid the ?
Hope it wasn't lost in an honest
so the past doesn't all that we'd been through
Every little thing what you did was
but, who what you did on that day you cried endlessly
Oh you cried endlessly
Take a message from my
Fall in love: suddenly be in love
Shaken up: upset and tired
Hanging around: just being together
Fooling: joking
Sense: smart idea
Moving on: leaving
Paid the price: pay for an experience by losing something
Endlessly: non-stop
Enough: more not necessary
Fail: not succeed
Honest: true
The past: what happened before
Making waves: doing something to upset others
Unconscious: deep down in the mind
Harbour defenses: say you are right, not listen to another person’s ideas, defend yourself
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