Greeting Neighbours on a Rainy Day - Part 2

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Watch the video starting at 00:43 until the end. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.
all wet   •  a nice day   •  pretty well   •  your   •  feels better   •  how is   •  wet and cold   •  afternoon   •  are you doing   •  pick up   •  a cold   •  a little   •  See you later   •  hot shower   •  are   •  terrible   •  Take   •  I better get going   •  your family   •  the rain  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
TASHA: Oh, hi, Mansoureh.
MANSOUREH: Good , Mrs. Wong: It sure is .
MRS. WONG: Sure is. .
TASHA: It's a day.
MANSOUREH: How is your son, Mrs. Wong?
MRS. WONG: Raymond?
MANSOUREH: Yes, Raymond.
MRS. WONG: Oh, he's okay, thanks.
MANSOUREH: Well, please say "hi" to him for me. I haven't seen him for almost two months.
MRS. WONG: Okay, I will. Well, . My bridge class starts in five minutes.
TASHA: Oh, you'd better hurry.
MANSOUREH: Bye, Mrs. Wong.
TASHA: Have . I'll see you tomorrow.
MANSOUREH: So, how are you, Tasha?
TASHA: Oh, I'm , thanks, and you?
MANSOUREH: Oh, 'I'm okay.
TASHA:And how's ?
MANSOUREH: Great. And your daughter?
TASHA: Lisa? Oh, she's okay. She has a bit of , so she's not feeling too great.
MANSOUREH: Oh, that's too bad: Well, I hope she soon.
TASHA: Oh, I hope so.
LUIGI: Hi, Tasha. Hi, Mansoureh.
MANSOUREH: Hello, Luigi.
TASHA: Hi, Luigi, you are .
LUIGI: It's raining outside pretty hard. How ?
MANSOUREH: Oh, I'm fine--except for and the cold!
LUIGI: Oh, I don't mind the cold. It's good for running.
MANSOUREH: Well, you sure do look healthy.
LUIGI: Thanks.
TASHA: Well, sorry guys, I have to Lisa up at school. So, I'll see you later.
MANSOUREH: Sure, see you.
LUIGI: Bye, Tasha.
TASHA: Bye, Luigi. care.
LUIGI: Okay.
MANSOUREH: So Luigi. How your parents?
LUIGI: Oh, they're doing very well. How's husband?
MANSOUREH: Oh, he's fine. Hey, are you heading up to the changing room?
LUIGI: Yeah, I am soaked, and cold.
MANSOUREH: Well, a should fix that.
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