Dance Exchange - Cuban Salsa and African Oromo!

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Watch the slide show. Complete the exercise below.
gracefully   •  music   •  how to dance   •  forward   •  back   •  your   •  different   •  a lot of   •  right foot   •  instructions   •  all cultures   •  while   •  hands   •  a necklace   •  next door   •  your left   •  her country  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
Our class joined the class for a dancing exchange. Eddie and Maya taught us the Cuban Salsa. It was fun. Here are the .
1. Listen to the and move to the beat.
2. Step with your right foot.
3. Step forward with foot.
4. Clap hands.
5. Step with your left foot.
6. Step back with your .
7. Clap your .
8. Take your partner’s hands and do the same actions.
Next Shamsi showed us an Oromo dance from , Ethiopia. She wore a beautiful beaded costume with , bracelet, and headband. Shamsi looked very happy she was dancing. She danced very . Next, everyone danced the Oromo dance. It was fun. We learned about dance in two different cultures. It seems like love to dance even though the music and movement may be a little .
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