Customer Service - Delivery - LINC 1.11

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.Complete the exercise below.
Take this around   •  between nine and twelve   •  do you know   •  to be delivered   •  See you   •  phone number   •  take this pick-up slip   •  deliver it to   •  postal code   •  You're welcome   •  My name   •  the phone number   •  the address   •  your   •  your postal code   •  tomorrow morning   •  My telephone number   •  all right.   •  customer order   •  your phone number   •  the street number   •  You too   •  help you  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
Conversation 1
CLERK: And, address?
CELIA: 789 Trafalgar Drive.
CLERK: 789 Trafalgar Drive.
CLERK: And your ?
CLERK: V6L 2M3. And your , please.
CELIA: 732-9565
CLERK: 732-9565. Here's your invoice. to the back. And someone there will to load up the bags.
CELIA: Thank you.
Conversation 2
CLERK: Hi, Manuel.
MANUEL: Hi, Lyn. I have a here.
CLERK: Sure. What’s the name?
MANUEL: It's Ms. Fuentes. That's F-u-e-n-t-e-s, Maria.
CLERK: And , please?
MANUEL: 5677 Watson Crescent.
CLERK: 5677 Watson Crescent. And ?
MANIIEL: Ah, 784-2642.
CLERK: 784-2642. And is this ?
MANUEL: Ah, yes. Anytime .
CLERK: Same address?
MANUEL: No, please Ritchie Farm on Leach Road.
CLERK: Do you know ?
IVIANUEL: 352 Leach Road.
CLERK: 352Leach Road. And the telephone number there?
MANUEL: 7BB-1143.
CLERK: 788-1143. Okay, I'll have this delivered tomorrow morning .
MANUEL: Okay, thanks.
CLERK: Okay, all right. .
Conversation 3
CLERK: Next. Hello.
HAMIDAH: Hello. is Hamidah Armani. That's H-a-m-i-d-a-h
CLERK: And your address, Hamidah.
HAMIDAH: 4348 Wilson Road,
CLERK: 4348 Wilson Road. And ?
CLERK: V1G 2A1. And ?
HAMIDAH: is 782-8701.
CLERK: 782-8701. Do you have a car here?
HAMIDAH: Yes, I do.
CLERK: Okay, Just around to the back to the pick-up bay, and there will be somebody there to help you to load up.
HAMIDAH: Thank you.
CLERK: No problem. Have nice day.
HAMIDAH: . Bye-bye.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English
Video Courtesy TRU University - Open Learning Division

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