A Credit Card Problem - LINC 3.22

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation. Complete the exercise below.
crediting your account   •  must be   •  to ask   •  that's all settled   •  account number   •  what I   •  we'll be able to   •  was keyed   •  said that she would   •  might have caused   •  don't mention it   •  was charged   •  I've never had   •  Neither have I   •  expiry date   •  must have been   •  there's an error   •  check on that   •  so quickly   •  should have been billed   •  I've just received  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
MRS. WONG: More tea, Tasha?
TASHA: Thank you. These muffins are really delicious.
MRS. WONG: Thank you. You know, I wanted you something.
TASH: Sure.
MRS WONG: I think on my VISA statement. I wonder should do.
TASHA: This garden shop charge?
MRS. WONG: No. This charge here. We never bought anything from the Green Acres Golf Club.
TASHA: My goodness-$657 (six hundred and fifty-seven dollars).
MRS. WONG: And we don't even play golf.
TASHA: Well, it a mistake.
MRS. WONG: I am sure it is. I think I'll call the VISA office and tell them about the error.
TASHA: That's a good idea. The inquiry number somewhere here on your statement.
MRS. WONG: Oh, here it is. I'll call them right now.
TASHA: Sure, the information line is open twenty-four hours.
MRS. WONG: Oh, good.
VISA CLERK: Good afternoon, VISA Centre. May I help you?
MRS. WONG: Yes. This is Mrs. Wong. my statement and there seems to be an error.
CLERK: May I please have your , Mrs. Wong?
MRS. WONG: My VISA card number is 7465-871-341-960.
CLERK: Thank you. And the expiry date, please.
MRS. WONG: The is 11195.
CLERK: That's 11195. Now, what is the date on the bill?
MRS. WONG: The date on the bill was June the first.ity VIDEO SCRIPT Page 2, LINC 3.22
CLERK: Okay. Mrs. Wong, what item to you?
MRS. WONG: The extra item was a charge from the Green Acres Golf Club.
CLERK: All right, Mrs. Wong. I'm going to and I'm going to call you right back. I'm sure find the problem.
MRS. WONG: Thank you!
TASHA: What did they say?
MRS. WONG: She check into it and call me back. You know an unexplained charge on my VISA statement before.
MRS. WONG: Hello.
CLERK: Yes, Mrs. Wong. We found the error. It was a keying mistake.
MRS. WONG: A keying error?
CLERK: Yes, that's correct. Your account number is similar to the number that . The wrong number into the computer.
MRS. WONG: I'm glad you found the problem.
CLERK: Well, I'm sorry for any inconvenience this you.
MRS. WONG: No problem. Will you be sending me a new statement?
CLERK: No, we won't be sending you a new bill. But we will be for the full amount.
MRS. WONG: That's fine. Thank you for taking care of it .
CLERK: You have a nice day.
MRS. WONG: So, .
TASHA: Have they found the error?
MRS. WONG: Yes, it was a simple keying error.
TASHA: Oh, good.
MRS. WONG: So, thanks for your help.
TASHA: No problem. Thank you for the tea and for the muffins.
MRS. WONG: Oh, .
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University – Open Learning Division

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