Hospital Trainee - LINC 3.12

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation. Complete the exercise below.
worked as a   •  should I clean   •  what needs   •  could cause   •  Should I use   •  change   •  have to remove   •  making   •  should save   •  have to look after   •  should come   •  to check   •  should clean   •  done   •  Working   •  should I mop   •  to protect   •  there are   •  to rinse  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
MRS. BANKS: Hello.
ALICE: Oh, hello. Mrs. Banks?
ALICE: Are you finished at the personnel office?
MRS. BANKS: Yes, I'm all done. They told me I and see you.
ALICE: Good. Well, we'll start you off right away.
MRS. BANKS: Good. Thanks.
ALICE: This room still needs cleaning. So I'll explain to you to be done, and I'll leave you to try it on your own.
MRS. BANKS: Okay. That sounds good.
ALICE: Have you this kind of job before?
MRS. BANKS: Yes, I've done similar jobs. I worked with an office cleaning company. And I also chambermaid in a motel.
ALICE: I see. at the hospital is little different. We the safety and comfort of the patients and also maintain strict cleanliness and hygiene.
MRS. BANKS: I understand.
ALICE: Okay, then. You'll start by the bed.
MRS. BANKS: Should I the sheets?
ALICE: Yes. And when you change the bed linens, make sure no wrinkles on the sheets.
ALICE: It bed sores. The patients usually spend most of the day in the bed.
MRS. BANKS: I see.
ALICE: When you are finished with the bed, take the cloth, wipe down the table and all the counters. Make sure the cloth in the disinfectant solution.
MRS. BANKS: Where's the solution?
ALICE: Here. You'll mix it in this bucket. Always wear rubber gloves your skin.
MRS. BANKS: Okay. Then the floor?
ALICE: No. You the mopping until the end.
ALICE: Next, you out the bathroom. Use this strong cleaner and go over the bathroom fixtures twice.
MRS. BANKS: Okay. And how the bathroom floor?
ALICE: Use the squeeze mop.
MRS. BANKS: this cleaner for the floor, too?
ALICE: No, here. Use this cleaner for the floor. It has wax in it and makes a nice job of it.
MRS. BANKS: And I use this cleaner for the room floor, too, right?
ALICE: Yes. But before you do the floor, do the mirrors, the wall around the switches, and the door handles.
MRS. BANKS: And I use this solution?
ALICE: Yes. And for the mirrors you'll find a soft rag on the cart.
MRS. BANKS: No problem.
ALICE: You all the dirty towels from the bathroom and replace them with clean ones.
MRS. BANKS: Right.
ALICE: And make sure the soap.
ALICE: When you are done with the bathroom, do the floor.
MRS. BANKS: The bathroom and the room floor, right?
ALICE: Right. It'll take about half an hour for the floor to dry. I'll come back and we'll go over your work together.
MRS. BANKS: Okay. I'll start with the bed.
ALICE: Sure.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University – Open Learning Division

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