I Will Always Love You

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Watch the video starting at 01:11. Listen and sing along to improve your pronunciation.
you   ·  I hope   ·  happiness   ·  I will   ·  memories   ·  stay   ·  know   ·  cry   ·  I wish   ·  need   ·  always   ·  kind   ·   my darling   ·  will always   ·  always love you   ·  I'm taking   ·  think of  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
If I should
I would only be in your way
So I'll go But I
I'll you every step of the way
And I... will love you, oohh
Will always love you
You, you
That is all with me
So good-bye
Please don't
We both know I'm not what you you
And I love you
always love you
You, ooh
I hope life treats you
And you have all you've dreamed of
And I wish you joy and
But above all this you love
And I will
I will always love
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