New Patient Information - LINC 2.18

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.
had   ·  she ever had   ·  she's had   ·  since   ·  to bring   ·  to ask   ·  been   ·  to catch   ·  never been   ·  since   ·  never had   ·  She's been   ·  had   ·  bring   ·  she ever had   ·  haven't been   ·  is  
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DOCTOR: And breathe deeply now. Good, good.
TASHA: Is everything okay?
DOCTOR: Yes, Lisa a very healthy young lady. Since Lisa is a new patient, I would just like a few questions about her medical history.
TASHA: Sure. No problem.
DOCTOR: Has Lisa all her vaccinations?
TASHA: Yes, them all.
DOCTOR: Did you the form showing the vaccination dates?
TASHA: Oh, no. I forgot it. Sorry.
DOCTOR: No problem. Just be sure to bring it next time. Has Lisa had the measles before?
TASHA: No, she hasn't had measles.
DOCTOR: Has the mumps?
TASHA: No, she hasn't had mumps either.
DOCTOR: Chicken pox?
TASHA: Yes, she chicken pox just before her third birthday.
DOCTOR: Has she had any other communicable diseases?
TASHA: No, she hasn't had any, except conjunctivitis. But she hasn't had it last summer.
DOCTOR: So, she hasn't had it since last summer?
TASHA: That's right. okay since then.
DOCTOR: Good. Just stay away from anyone who has conjunctivitis. It's very easy . Just a few more questions.
TASHA: No problem.
DOCTOR: Has Lisa ever in the hospital before?
TASHA: No, she's in the hospital, except when she was born!
DOCTOR: Right! Has minor surgery?
TASHA: No, she's minor surgery. Oh! I forgot to tell you, she did have tonsillitis when she was six.
DOCTOR: Have her tonsils been taken out?
TASHA: No, they taken out.
DOCTOR: Has she had any trouble with her tonsils then?
TASHA: No, she hasn't had any trouble. She's been fine since then.
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