Shopping for Food: Count/Non-count Nouns - Partitives (a bag of)

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Watch the video starting at 00:27. Complete the exercise below.
cereal   •  litre of   •  beans   •  a head of   •  a bag   •  jam   •  right now   •  milk   •  soda   •  whole wheat bread   •  carrots   •  some   •  lettuce   •  two loaves   •  bananas   •  a dozen   •  white bread   •  go with you   •  a bottle of   •  two bunches   •  a loaf   •  cheese   •  a half pound   •  butter   •  A box   •  flour   •  eggs   •  a bunch   •  a jar of   •  can of   •  a pound of  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
JOSE: What are you writing, Dad?
FATHER: A shopping list. I'm going to the supermarket. Is there anything special you want me to get?
ROSA: What's on the list so far, Dad?
FATHER: Just a beans.
JOSE: Well, we need jam.
ROSA: Can you get soda?
FATHER: Sure. What kind, Rosa?
ROSA: Coke or Pepsi. It doesn't matter.
FATHER: All right. What else?
JOSE: We need cereal, Dad.
FATHER: Okay, Jose. of cereal.
JOSE: We also need of flour.
ROSA: And we need some bread, Dad. Can you get of white bread and of whole wheat bread?
FATHER: Sure. And I'm going to get of bananas and of carrots.
ROSA: Good idea, Dad.
JOSE: We also need lettuce.
FATHER: All right.
JOSE: And can you get butter and maybe of cheese?
FATHER: Okay .
ROSA: We need another milk, Dad.
FATHER: All right.
JOSE: And eggs.
FATHER: Okay. Anything else?
ROSA: No. That's it.
JOSE: I can't think of anything else.
FATHER: Okay. Let me see if I have everything here. That's a can of , a jar of , a bottle of , a box of , a bag of , a loaf of , two loaves of , a bunch of , two bunches of , a head of , a pound of , and a half pound of , a litre of , and a dozen . Is that it?
ROSA: That's everything, Dad.
FATHER: Okay. I'll see you kids later.
JOSE: That's a pretty long shopping list, Dad. Do you want me to ?
FATHER: Sure, Jose. I'd love it.
ROSA: I'm not busy , Dad. I can go, too.
FATHER: Great!
JOSE: Let's go
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