Mr. Bean on an Airplane - Video, Podcast, and Exercise

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Watch the video and listen to the story. Press the video play button and the green play button. Complete the exercise below.
a magazine   •  the flight attendant   •  the airsickness bag   •  his headphones   •  you like   •  turbulence   •  it   •  Could you   •  a bag   •  a teddy bear   •  a magazine   •  some paper   •  Would you like   •  plane   •  air   •  the teddy bear   •  the life jacket  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
Hey, there's Mr. Bean. He puts on . "Would to try this?" "No." The boy is sick. Mr. Bean is listening to music. He pretends he is singing. He turns up louder. He is happy. He turns it up even louder. a magazine? No. Mr. Bean hits . " keep an eye on him please?" The boy is sick. Mr. Bean looks at the boy. He smiles at the boy. He smiles again. Wait a minute. Mr. Bean has . He shows to the boy. He puts the teddy bear in the tray table. "Help! Help!" He throws the bear on the ground. He shows the boy a . The plane - oh - is experiencing turbulence. He opens . He tears . He puts the paper on his eyes and tongue and moves them around. Oh, a life jacket. Mr. Bean blows up - oh - whistles - whistle - whistle - oh- the life jacket inflates. It blows away. Mr. Bean is reading . "Is this yours?" Mr. Bean takes and gets a little angry at the flight attendant. The plane experiences . Mr. Bean pretends to throw up. The boy feels sick. Mr. Bean shows the boy . The bag is empty. He blows into the bag. Oh - turbulence. The boy opens . He throws up into the bag. He gives Mr. Bean the bag. Mr. Bean blows air into the bag and pops the bag!
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English

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