Shopping for Clothes

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation. Complete the exercise below. Check your answers. How many did you get right?
to match   •  do you need   •  how much   •  that's better   •  a little bit cheaper   •  take a look   •  a bargain   •  a good idea   •  a sale on   •  regular 39.99   •  This jacket   •  a medium   •  Do you have   •  I'm looking for   •  regular $36   •  are they   •  shorter dresses   •  Can I help   •  a lovely print   •  a long dress  
Clerk: I love my job--yeah! you?
Customer: Yeah, a gift for my girlfriend.
Clerk: I see, were you thinking of spending?
Customer: Mmm, $40 - 50.
Clerk: How about ? They're the latest style.
Customer: Oh, I don't think a long dress would suit my girlfriend. Do you have any ?
Clerk: Well, of course. And the short dresses are actually .
Customer: Really, how much ?
Clerk: They're reduced to 29.99. Um, that's reasonable. Let's see. Yeah, I like the white one with the orange flowers.
Clerk: Oh, that is , isn't it, sir.
Customer: Yeah, but I think it would be a little cold in the evenings. any dresses with sleeves?
Clerk: Have you thought about getting her a jacket to go with the dress?
Customer: That's . What do you have?
Clerk: Actually we have right now. And this beige cotton jacket is only $9.99!
Customer: What ! Ah, that's a good deal. I like it. Wait a minute. has a spot on it.
Clerk: Oh, what size ?
Customer: I think she takes .
Clerk: Ah, here you go, at this one.
Customer: Oh, . I like it and the price as well. Mmm-hmmm.
Clerk: You know, if you're going to get the jacket, I really think you should get these beige pants . They're and now they're $9.99.
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