Parent-Teacher Meeting - LINC 3.17

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation. Complete the exercise below.
to hear   •  too much   •  Do you think   •  Could you explain   •  I've been teaching   •  agree with   •  seems normal   •  too strict   •  Are you thinking   •  has been telling   •  to be   •  gets along well   •  if she wants   •  she's been watching   •  should help   •  the best way   •  to share   •  who were invited   •  to keep   •  as creative as   •  worried about   •  isn't she   •  she has made   •  satisfied with   •  just seems   •  she's been having   •  should watch   •  interested in   •  to meet   •  having   •  should spend   •  diligent student  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
MS. FIRLOTTE: Hello, are you Linda's parents?
ANTHONY: Yes. I'm Anthony Ming, and this is my wife, Joyce.
MS. FIRLOTTE: It's a pleasure you. I'm Maria Firlotte. Please have a seat.
JOYCE: Linda us a lot about you, Ms. Firlotte.
MS. FIRLOTTE: Well, here for five years. And I have a good rapport with the children.
ANTHONY: So, how is Linda?
MS. FIRLOTTE: I have to say, I've seldom had a student Linda.
ANTHONY: Creative? That's a surprise.
MS. FIRLOTTE: Well, that's to describe her.
JOYCE: how she's creative?
MS. FIRLOTTE: Sure. Did you ever read any of her stories?
JOYCE: Well, I've read some. But they were homework assignments.
MS. FIRLOTTE: Here's one Linda wrote just last week.
JOYCE: Can I see it?
MS. FIRLOTTE: Sure. It's about a happy girl and an unhappy girl to a birthday party.
ANTHONY: And what happened?
MS. FIRLOTTE: The happy girl helps the unhappy girl. So they're both happy in the end.
JOYCE: Linda's been feeling unhappy?
MS. FIRLOTTE: that she's writing about herself? 2, L1NC 3.17
JOYCE: Well, I'm a little her. She's moody sometimes, ?
ANTHONY: Yes, she is. She likes to herself sometimes.
MS. FIRLOTTE: She's usually very cheerful at school. She with everyone.
ANTHONY: That's good.
MS. FIRLOTTE: She's always very polite.
JOYCE: I'm glad that.
MS. FIRLOTTE: I wouldn't worry about her moods . It at that age.
ANTHONY: I guess so. But I think we more time with her.
MS. FIRLOTTE: As far as Linda's school work goes, she's very consistent. Mind you, a few problems in geography lately.
ANTHONY: What kind of problems?
MS. FIRLOTTE: Well, she a bit unprepared in class.
ANTHONY: She seems doing homework all the time.
JOYCE: Well, not all the time. Lately a TV show that she likes.
MS. FIRLOTTE: This is always a difficult age. Sometimes, even good students are interested in doing anything but their homework.
ANTHONY: I think she no more than an hour of TV a day.
JOYCE: Well ... that may be a little bit .
ANTHONY: But she needs more time to do her homework.
JOYCE: I that.
MS. FIRLOTTE: She should study at least an hour a day, to have good study habits.
ANTHONY: I agree.
MS. FIRLOTTE: Now, do you have any other questions?
JOYCE: Yes, I have. Are you her participation in the class?
MS. FIRLOTTE: Well, at the beginning of term, she was a little shy. But great progress.
JOYCE: That's good to hear.
MS. FIRLOTTE: As I said, she is a very .
ANTHONY: Well, thank you, Ms. Firlotte.
MS. FIRLOTTE: You're welcome.
JOYCE: We'll make sure Linda studies her geography.
MS. FIRLOTTE: And encourage her in her creative writing.
JOYCE: I am very reading her stories.
MS. FIRLOTTE: Just ask her. I am sure she will be happy them with you.
JOYCE: I'll do that.
MS. FIRLOTTE: It's a real pleasure Linda in the class.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University – Open Learning Division

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