Shopping on Robson Story

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Watch the video. Complete the exercise below.
every   •  fun   •  technology   •  clothes   •  himself   •  too   •  apartment   •  hates   •  needs   •  others   •  loves   •  three   •  love   •  herself   •  shopping   •  shoes   •  jewelry   •  care   •  members   •  iPhone   •  good   •  gift   •  once   •  furniture   •  spends   •  person   •  enough   •  week  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
Celeste interviews people about in downtown Vancouver. Each likes shopping. Adam shopping, but he doesn’t do of it. When he shops, he usually a lot. He goes shopping couple of months—once every two months. He doesn’t want to shop often or he will have no money left. He likes shopping for because he likes to look good. He also likes shopping for gadgets. For example, he might like shopping for an or an iPad. He prefers shopping for but he also likes shopping for his girlfriend and for other family . Gina likes shopping because it is . She goes shopping a week. She likes shopping for clothes or . She grocery shopping. She prefers shopping for . Gina sometimes shops for other people, but she prefers to shop for . Michelle enjoys shopping for different things. It depends what she . Of course, shopping for clothes is always fun, but shopping for people you about is better. Michelle likes seeing people’s faces when they open a . She usually shops about once a . Michelle just moved into her own so she is shopping for right now. Michelle loves shopping for herself but she prefers shopping for because it is more rewarding. She says if you are shopping for someone you , then pleasing him or her makes you feel .
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