Buying Paint Supplies - LINC 2.04

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.
enough   ·  more than enough   ·  do we need   ·  What else   ·  a lot   ·  How many   ·  we'll need   ·  stop off   ·  at least   ·  a lot of   ·  some   ·  pick up   ·  let's get   ·  enough  
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CHUCK: Okay, first, we'll get the paint supplies. Then we'll at Barney's to a pizza.
WALLY: Sounds good. So, what do we need?
CHUCK: Well, the latex paint first.
WALLY: Well, how much latex ?
CHUCK: We'll need three cans for the bedroom, one can for the kitchen, and probably two cans for the living room.
WALLY: So, we need six cans altogether?
CHUCK: That's right, six cans.
WALLY: Is that for two coats?
CHUCK: Yeah, that should be .
WALLY: do we need?
CHUCK: Ah, we need trim paint, too.
WALLY: Trim paint? How many cans?
WALLY: No, I think we need more than that. We'll need at least three cans.
CHUCK: All right, we'll get three, then. That should be enough.
WALLY: Great, three cans of trim paint.
CHUCK: And some patching compound for the holes in the walls, and some sandpaper, too.
WALLY: containers of the patching compound? One?
CHUCK: I think we'll need more than that. There's holes in the living room wall.
WALLY: Are you sure? If we get two, we'll have left over.
CHUCK: That's okay- some for our next job anyway.
WALLY: All right, two containers. But for this much patching compound, we'll need a lot of sandpaper.
CHUCK: Right, okay. This package has five sheets. Is that ?
WALLY: I don't think so. Let's get two packages, just to be sure.
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