Changing Shifts - LINC 2.09

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.
I'd like   ·  could trade   ·  work   ·  want to ask   ·  were   ·  to ask   ·  are you feeling   ·  can take   ·  work   ·  will   ·  was   ·  did   ·  is   ·  is   ·  should get   ·  have to   ·  I'll be   ·  am   ·  what can I do   ·  isn't   ·  should be   ·  have to call  
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MERRIL: Hi, Manuel.
MANUEL: Oh, hi, Merril.
MANUEL: A lot better, thanks. back at work tomorrow morning.
MERRIL: That's good, we worried about you.
MERRIL: So, what the doctor say?
MANUEL: Oh, she said the wrist broken. But I careful with it for the next few days.
MERRIL: You the boss to give you some easier work.
MANUEL: I , at least until I go back for my checkup.
MERRIL: When that?
MANUEL: Next week. I the doctor's office to confirm my appointment.
MERRIL: I see.
MANUEL: Merril, I want you a favor.
MERRIL: Sure, for you?
MANUEL: It's about this doctor's appointment. Next week, the doctor's office only open in the mornings. But I on the morning shift all week.
MANUEL: And, I you if you could change shifts with me on Monday.
MERRIL: Monday morning?
MANUEL: Yes, Monday morning.
MERRIL: Oh, I'm sorry, Manuel. to help, but I can't.
MANUEL: But I thought Monday your day off.

MERRIL: It is, but I go to the dentist in the morning.
MANUEL: Oh, that's too bad.
MERRIL: But Wednesday's good.
MANUEL: Wednesday?
MERRIL: Yeah, I afternoon shifts. And, we shifts.
MANUEL: Oh, that would be great. So, you my morning shift, and I'll in the afternoon.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University - Open Learning Division

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