Meeting a Neighbour - LINC 1.32

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.
lives   ·  came   ·  were   ·  have   ·  gets   ·  are   ·  am   ·  came   ·  is   ·  have   ·  lives   ·  move   ·  won   ·  moved   ·  I've lived   ·  doing   ·  was  
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MANSOUREH: That a good game.
MANUEL: I know, I know. I keep losing. I don't know what it is.
MANSOUREH: But you last time.
MANUEL: That's true!
MANSOUREH: Hey, Wendy!
WENDY: Hi, Mansoureh. How are you ?
MANSOUREH: Pretty good. Oh. Manuel, this my friend, Wendy. She just into our neighborhood. She in the house on Elm Street, by the school.
MANUEL: Oh. Well. Pleased to meet you.
WENDY: Same here.
MANSOUREH: Manuel in the apartment building around the corner.
WENDY: The one with the green door?
MANUEL. Yeah, that's the one. Did you just to the neighborhood?
WENDY: Yes, I did. I moved here a month ago. How about you?
MANUEL: Well, here about five years. I here from Prince George.
WENDY: I a cousin who lives in Prince George. It gets pretty cold in the winter.
MANUEL: Yeah, that's right. It's kind of a different cold than here though on the coast.
MANSOUREH: Yeah, the winter chill right into my bones.
MANUEL: Hmmm! So where you from?
WENDY: I from Italy. I mean, I to Canada with my parents when I was three years old. We moved to Port Alberni on the Island.
MANUEL: My parents came from Peru to Canada.
MANSOUREH: I didn't know that.
MANUEL: Yeah, I am first generation Canadian.
MANSOUREH: Well, I'm second generation Canadian. My grandparents came here
in the 1920's. And my parents both born back East, in Toronto.
WENDY: This is so neat. We so many different cultures and traditions here.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University - Open Learning Division

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