True Love - Episode 1, Scene 1

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.
there's   ·  get together   ·  think of   ·  nice meeting you   ·  are there   ·  get out of   ·  am I going to   ·  talk about   ·  belong to   ·  showing me around   ·  would like   ·  There are  
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CHET: Okay your locker.
JENNA: Okay.
CHET: And down the hall on your left is your first class.
JENNA: Thanks Chet. So, like it here? I mean, many fun things to do at this school?
CHET: Fun things. I guess. lots of school clubs you can join.
JENNA: Well, what clubs do you belong to?
CHET: Well, I the math club. We after school on Wednesdays and math.
JENNA: Do you belong to anything else?
CHET: I also belong to the computer club. We get together on Thursdays and talk about computers.
JENNA: Can you any clubs that I might enjoy?
CHET: How about the chess club? I belong to that one too. We get together and we…
JENNA: Let me guess…talk about football?
CHET: No. We play chess. I guess that might sound kind of boring to you.
JENNA: Not really. I don’t know how to play chess.
CHET: It’s actually a pretty interesting game. I can teach you how to play if you’d like.
JENNA: Yeah, that’d be nice.
CHET: I’d better get to my next class. It was Jenna.
JENNA: Yeah, you too Chet. Thanks for . Oh and Chet…
CHET: Yeah?
JENNA: I really to play chess sometime.
CHET: You would?
JENNA: I think I’m free on Friday night.
CHET: Yeah. Okay. Sure. Oh, I think I already have plans, but let me see if I can them.


Belong to: be a member of - join
Get together: meet
Think of: guess
Talk about: speak about
Get out of: cancel
Show me around: show a person different parts of a place
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