Parent-Teacher Meeting

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.
can understand   ·  would be   ·  can pronounce   ·  needs to   ·  for coming   ·  don't worry   ·  fine thanks   ·  can practice   ·  a shy boy   ·  a few   ·  help him   ·  his progress   ·  too   ·  so much   ·  let's talk about   ·  morning   ·  does  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
MRS. GILROY: Good Ms. H.
TEACHER: Hi Mrs. Gilroy. How are you?
MRS. GILROY: I’m . How are you?
TEACHER: I’m fine thank you. So your son, Diego. Um, in reading is very good.
MRS. GILROY: Oh, good.
TEACHER: Mm-hm. He English well, and he many words...Yeah... But he improve in math.
MRS. GILROY: Okay, what can I do to help?
TEACHER: Well, you with him and with his homework every night.
MRS. GILROY: Okay, I’ll try to practice with him.
TEACHER: That great. Um, so, do you have any questions for me?
MRS. GILROY: Yes, actually, I was wondering, Diego have some friends at school?
TEACHER: Well, Diego is , but he has close friends.
MRS. GILROY: Yeah, I was a little worried about him because he’s so shy.
TEACHER: Oh, . He’s doing fine.
MRS. GILROY: Oh, good.
TEACHER: Okay, I think that’s all. Thank you .
MRS. GILROY: Thank you . Bye-bye.
TEACHER: Bye. Take care.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University - Open Learning Division

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