Mr. Bean - Judo Class

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Watch the video. Listen to the teacher and Mr. Bean. What do they say?
start   •  next one   •  check   •  please   •  calm down   •  the bow   •  nice   •  make sure   •  step forward   •  throw   •  the mat   •  first   •  the throw   •  coming   •  forward   •  take hold   •  foot  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
TEACHER: Okay, thanks a lot for everybody. Um, before we learning any throws, etcetera… Um the thing about judo is you’ve just got to that you can fall okay. So I’ll just all your break falls one by one. I’ll start with you. Just —that’s good. Okay, we start with a bow—good. Then just then, and the .
STUDENT 1: Ohhhh!
TEACHER: Excellent – good one. Back with the others, right. Now, next one . That’s good. Okay again the bow, then take hold and…
STUDENT 2: Ohhhh!
Teacher: That’s , good. Back with the others. There we go. Okay can I have the please? Next one please, yeah. So just uh step then. Yeah, unto the mat, yeah. There we are. And the other , yeah. That’s good. That’s all right now. Okay, here we… Come back unto . There we go. It’s all right. First .
MR. BEAN: We bow.
TEACHER: Yes, all right, and then, then I take hold. It’s all right, just, just trust me. Just trust me…just, just all right. Stand here now. That’s it. Yeah, no one is going to get hurt, okay.
MR. BEAN: So we bow.
TEACHER: Yes. Just one big bow, then . Okay, so one, one, one big bow, then…
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English

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