Opening a Bank Account - LINC 3.06

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation. Complete the exercise below.
would pay   •  to know   •  to open   •  be charged   •  would there be   •  would be lower   •  would cover   •  have you decided   •  There are a few   •  after I've opened   •  not as good as   •  to make   •  make daily deposits   •  which accounts   •  would just be   •  if I had  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
CLERK: Hi, good afternoon. How can I help you?
KOUSHICK: I'd like an account.
CLERK: Okay.
KOUSHICK: Could you give me some information on the different types of accounts?
CLERK: Of course. What would you like ?
KOUSHICK: I'd like to know give me good withdrawal flexibility and also good interest.
CLERK: All right. accounts that you may be interested in. Let me go through your options with you.
KOUSHICK: Thanks. It's so hard a decision just from a brochure.
CLERK: Okay. So, one of our popular accounts is the daily interest account.
KOUSHICK: The daily interest account? What kind of interest rate does that give me?
CLERK: Okay. Right now, a daily interest account gives 3.5% (three point five percent) interest.
KOUSHICK: Three point five percent (3.5%)?
CLERK: Yes. And you can and withdrawals.
KOUSHICK: Are there any accounts with higher interest rates?
CLERK: Yes. With the chequing/savings account, you would get 4% (four percent) interest.
KOUSHICK: Four percent ... What if I had a package account?
CLERK: All right, with a package account, your interest rate . It would be around 3% (three percent).
KOUSHICK: Three percent. That's the chequing/savings ...
CLERK: No, that's right. The interest rate is better with the chequing/savings account.
KOUSHICK: Could I ask you a few more questions? L1NC 3.06
CLERK: Of course.
KOUSHICK: Could you tell me, a package account, could I write cheques?
CLERK: Yes, with a package account you could order personalized cheques.
KOUSHICK: And would I a fee for each cheque that I wrote?
CLERK: No. You a fee of $9 (nine dollars) per month and that all of your transactions, including the cheque writing.
KOUSHICK: And if I had a chequing/savings account, would I be charged each time I wrote a cheque or a monthly fee?
CLERK: There would be a fifty cent service charge per cheque and no monthly charge.
KOUSHICK: And, an account, let's say the chequing/savings, could I change it to another type of account?
CLERK: Yes, you can always change to another type of account anytime you need to. There a small service charge.
CLERK: Okay. Anything else?
KOUSHICK: I don't think so.
CLERK: All right. Would you like to open an account today?
KOUSHICK: Yes, I would.
CLERK: And what type of account on?
KOUSHICK: The chequing and savings.
CLERK: No problem.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University – Open Learning Division

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