At the Community Centre - LINC 2.32 - Conversation 2

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Conversation 2: Vocabulary
CLERK: Hi. How can I help you?
ANTHONY: Do you have any classes that will teach me how to
CLERK: Yes, we do. Do you know what kind of dancing you would
like to learn?
ANTHONY: Well, I already know how to waltz and fox-trot.ballroom
. I want to learn to do Latin American dancing.
CLERK: We have a number of several or a fewdifferent classes. This
form gives you all the information. If you would like to register for it, you can fill out the form on the back.
ANTHONY: Just one more thing! I'm also looking for a class
that will teach mehow to fix a car.
CLERK: We have half-day classes in car maintenance look after your car or
take care of your car
on the weekends. Would you like to
register for one?
ANTHONY: I'm not sure. Will it show me how to rebuildbuild
an engine?
CLERK: I don't think so. It's pretty basic. It shows people
how to change the oil and the brakestop the car with the brakes fluid, things
like that.
ANTHONY: Oh, I'm looking for something more
CLERK: Why don't you talk to the instructor? His name and his
number are on this sheet.
ANTHONY: Okay, I'll do that. Thanks.
CLERK: You're welcome.
Video courtesy TRU University - Open Learning Division

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