Babies Can Teach Us - News Story

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Watch the video from beginning to end. Click and Drop a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Click on the Check, Show, and Clear buttons to check, show and clear the answers.
What can babies teach us?
Babies can teach us to find in the simplest things.
How many times a day do babies laugh?
Babies laugh more than times a day.
What kind of brain does a baby have?
Babies have a brain.
How is a baby’s brain special?
It helps them to everything around them.
How often do adults laugh?
They laugh times a day.
Why don’t adults laugh very often?
They don’t laugh often because they are to everything.
What do adults focus on or think about?
They focus on and , for example.
Do all adults focus on money and work?
No, but do.
Who have scientists studied?
Scientists have studied .
What kind of brains do jazz musicians have?
They have brains like .
Where do jazz musicians and meditators have less brain activity?
They have less activity in the of their brains.
What can jazz musicians do when they lower the activity in the front of their brains?
They can new and exciting music.
How do meditators feel?
They feel more to the world around them and less focused on their or problems.
What should you do if you want to be happier?
You should try thinking like a baby. Be to new possibilities and laugh a little.
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