Buying Appliances - LINC 2.33

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.
better than   ·  a little bit more than   ·  a little bit more expensive   ·  better   ·  more capacity   ·  this one   ·  more expensive   ·  larger than   ·  larger than   ·  large   ·  the best   ·  a little bit more than   ·  cheaper   ·  a cheaper model   ·  bigger than  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
CLERK: Can I help you?
MANSOUREH: Oh, hi, thanks. Yeah, we're looking for a new stove. This one is $649 (six hundred and forty-nine dollars) and that one is $789 (seven hundred and eighty-nine dollars). Why is this one ?
CLERK: Well, this one's cheaper because it has standard heating elements.
MANSOUREH: I see. Well, what about ?
CLERK: This one's because it has special heating elements that prevent the food from burning. And it has an electronic timer.
MANSOUREH: Hmm, that sounds like a good feature.
CLERK: Well, it's very handy.
ALI: Hey, take a look at this stove. The oven is . Looks the other ovens.
CLERK: Well, it is a larger oven. It's standard size. It's got .
ALI: I like that. It's perfect for baking.
MANSOUREH: My husband likes to bake bread. It's his hobby.
CLERK: Baking? Then you'll definitely like this stove. It is the other two.
MANSOUREH: Well, why is this one better?
CLERK: Well, it's because it has the standard size oven, and it has a self-cleaning cycle.
ALI: Hmm! A self-cleaning feature? I like that! Does it cost the others?
CLERK: It's regularly $899 (eight hundred and ninety-nine dollars). It's , but that's because of the self-cleaning oven.
MANSOUREH: Do you have ?
CLERK: With a self-cleaning oven?
CLERK: No, we don't. But this one is on sale for $830 (eight hundred and thirty dollars).
ALI: Well, which one do you like ?
MANSOUREH: I like them all. What about you?
ALI: I like this one the best. But it costs we were willing to pay.
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