Planning a Camping Trip - LINC 3.07

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation. Complete the exercise below.
haven't been   •  for swimming   •  we won't go   •  suggested that   •  takes two hours   •  any other ideas   •  another idea   •  would get   •  to decide   •  cost too much   •  have to take   •  not as far   •  go canoeing   •  too far   •  there are a lot of   •  lots of things   •  for coming   •  to get there  
Click and Drop: click on a word in the box above and then in the correct space. Check your answers. What is your score?
JAY: Hello, everybody.
ESTER: Oh, hello, Jay.
IVAN: Hello.
JAY: Thank you all here today. As you know, we're here on the hiking club's camping trip. First of all, where are we gonna (going to) go? Any ideas?
HAMIDAH: Well, someone we go to the Gulf Islands this year.
ESTER: Oh, the Gulf Islands are beautiful. And nice trails on Salt Spring Island.
IVAN: Yes, but we'd ferries. That's expensive.
JAY: I agree. It would to take the group to the Gulf Islands.
ESTER: Yes, maybe you're right. Anyone else have ?
IVAN: Well, what about Wells Gray Park? There are group camping grounds there, with to do-and lots of good mountain trails for hiking.
JAY: We can , too.
HAMIDAH: It's a nice place, but I think it's . And it takes at least eight hours .
ESTER: That's right. The drive is a problem.
JAY: . Yes, you're right. The kids really bored.
ESTER: And, I don't think canoeing is a good idea. We'd need a lot of equipment. And I'm worried for (about) the safety of the children.
JAY: Yes, I see what you mean. What about Manning Park? It has group campgrounds, and it's .
ESTER: Manning Park is nice and it only to get there. 3.07
HAMIDAH: What if it rains?
IVAN: We get wet.
ESTER: If it rains, .
JAY: Did you have ?
HAMIDAH: Well, actually, I do. What about going to Mr. Wilson's farm?
JAY: I there.
ESTER: I have. They have a couple of horses and a small lake .
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University – Open Learning Division

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