Invitation and Directions to a Party - LINC 2.05

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Watch the video. Listen and repeat to improve your pronunciation.
get off   ·  this evening   ·  will   ·  near   ·  my place   ·  to come   ·  call   ·  Don't   ·  get   ·  are   ·  getting ready   ·  may be   ·  Avenue   ·  your   ·  doing   ·  make   ·  before   ·  would love  
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LUIGI: Hi, Yuriko.
YURIKO: Oh, hi, Luigi!
LUIGI: How you?
YURIKO: Not bad. How are you ?
LUIGI:: I'm fine. What, you're doing shopping?
YURIKO: Yes, I'm for a party.
LUIGI: A party?
YURIKO: Yeah, it's a dinner party, at .
YURIKO: Would you like ?
LUIGI: I to come. When is it?
YURIKO: It's on Saturday night.
LUIGI: Oh, Saturday night, I don't know. I going to the movies.
LUIGI: Can I you?
YURIKO: Sure. Call me .
LUIGI: Okay, great. What's your phone number?
YURIKO: 743-2924. Please call 9:30 (nine-thirty).
LUIGI: 743-2924. Okay, thanks, I . I'll call right after dinner.
YURIKO: Sure. call before seven. I'll be out till then.
LUIGI: Sure. Okay, in case I can it, what time is the party?
YURIKO: It's at six o'clock.
LUIGI: At six o'clock? Sounds great! What's your address, Yuriko?
YURIKO: 2760 Third .
LUIGI: 2760 Third Avenue. Where is that?
YURIKO: It's the hospital.
LUIGI: Oh, near the hospital? How do I there?
YURIKO: Take the Second Avenue bus and at Parker Street.
This exercise has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English Video courtesy TRU University - Open Learning Division

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